Terms of Service


Terms of Service (TOS) is an agreement whereby a customer agrees before using his services. This Agreement is created and automatically binds users of DEO Hosting services. This Agreement is made in such a way for the common good, as well as the discretion and security of the customers in utilizing the services in DEO Hosting.


The services provided by DEO Hosting include the outline of Hosting Services and related, Management and rental of Dedicated Server (DS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) as well as Virtual Private Server (VPS).


This Agreement applies binding between DEO Hosting and Direct Service Users or Resellers whose identities are listed through the Service Management Facility of DEO Hosting and can not be transferred or represented by any other party.


  • Using server DEO Hosting for Open / Public / Share Proxy Server / Proxy hosting and ssh tunneling.
  • Using server DEO Hosting for game services with overloaded disk and CPU, Open / Public / Share VPN (Virtual Private Network), voice service proxy (SIP Proxy) so as to interfere with user process disk of other VPS / Hosting.
  • Using server DEO Hosting for service Streaming Data or video that consumes International Bandwidth and disrupts other users in terms of Bandwidth resources.
  • Use a DEO Hosting server for activities that violate applicable laws in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia or applicable law in the respective area as well as international law.
  • Using server AND Hosting for File Sharing, Seedbox and similar services.
  • Saving Programs Hacker, Phreaking or archives and Pirated software.
  • Sell Free Hosting on Reseller / Master Reseller Hosting services.
  • Using Free Domain on Hosting Service / Reseller / Master Reseller Hosting.
  • Use server DEO Hosting for adult / porn sites or sites that are prohibited in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Using server DEO Hosting for gambling, Warez, Hacking, Phreaking, Pirated Software, Carding, HYIP and or the like.
  • Using scripts, plugins or the like that incriminates servers like WPRobot and so on. [Unless the AGC package].
  • Using server DEO Hosting for video / audio-specific sites, image hosting sites, or special sites uploading and downloading files (rapid leech and the like).
  • Using the DEO Hosting server to run the background process (processes that work continuously on the server). Like: IRC bot, mig33 Flooder Bot, triond, Camfrog, wget, Java Chat Server, Game Server [counter-strike, half live, battlefield1492, etc] & more.
  • Automatically create the account creation process on shared / reseller hosting using the script in a short time with multiple accounts / multiple, this incriminating the database.
  • Send spam emails (e-mail offers of goods or services, promotions, affiliates, MLM or any kind of activity that interferes with third parties so as to incriminate server access) that is not requested or desired by other parties either through the server's DEO Hosting or an external server.
  • Sending Email, News Letter and the like in large quantities from each DEO Hosting server.
  • Trying to hacked, trying to replace data & server systems belonging to a third party via the DEO Hosting server.
  • Using its host, network or account to crack, damage to a third party security network, or directly undermine the security of an organization's website or individual site.
  • Use up to 15% of server resources over 90 seconds. The causes include, CGI Script, FTP, HTTP, and others.
  • Run Crontab at intervals of less than 15 minutes.
  • Using a server / VPS or domain for websites that use search engine optimization such as WPRobot, STT2, Social Bookmarks, traffic / jigling robots, classified ads etc, which use CPU resources continuously.
  • Using a server or domain for a website advertising service providers line, forum, or portal is illegal.

DEO Hosting has the authority to:

  • DEO Hosting reserves the right to intervene with any of the sites hosted on the server for the benefit of the customer. Any material that infringes or alleges infringes the proprietary rights of a third party copyright infringement on a defective product is sold to a customer from a DEO Hosting server. DEO Hosting will be the sole judge of what violates this Policy.
  • Checking the contents of the client file / website without notice to the client concerned. DEO Hosting will also work with the authorities. if any site contains illegal and suspicious things.
  • DEO Hosting reserves the right to terminate the client for not renewing either the hosting service or the VPS if it harms or otherwise violates the Terms of Service.
  • Delete VPS files after 3 days of hosting after billing expires, unless written notice to DEO Hosting Staff.
  • Automatic suspending by system over hosting accounts that exceed usage or bandwidth limits, or because of files containing viruses in the hosting account or script errors that cause high server loading (consuming many resources) and / or harm to third parties.
  • Deleting files on the server 7 days after the hosting date expires and has not been renewed (renewal) by the client. DEO Hosting shall not be liable for the loss of files for deletion of hosting account if the extension of hosting exceeds 7 days after expired hosting.
  • DEO Hosting does not provide backup on VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) and DS ( Dedicated Server), so the responsibility of data is on VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) and DS ( Dedicated Server) users.
  • DEO Hosting does not provide backup on VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) and DS ( Dedicated Server), If 3 Days no extension information we will delete data hosting or vps ( Virtual Private Server ) or DS ( Dedicated Server).
  • DEO Hosting will terminate / unilateral disclaimer if the customer keeps or performs hosting gambling, pornography, HYIP, sale of prohibited goods or similar websites in violation of the ITE Act or applicable law in Indonesia.


Payments made by Users of DEO Hosting Services in advance for payment periods determined by the Service Users based on invoices / invoices sent and can be checked regularly through the Service Management Facilities provided. The bill for services owned by the Service User will be published automatically by the Billing System approximately 10 days before the end of service period, the charge will be sent to the e-mail address registered in the Billing System.


Special Provisions

  • Contract Period: The customer agrees to enter the contract period provided by IndoWebsite ie 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years.
  • Claims: Invoice will be sent 60 days before due (For customers with 1 year contract period) and 7 days prior to maturity (For customers with contract period under or equal to 3 months). Customer is required to settle the bill before the due date indicated on the Invoice. The date of issuance of the invoice is valid and valid as an extension of the service period by the amount of invoice in accordance with the invoice that has been issued which can not be contested.
    *) All product prices that we display on the website page do not include an additional 10% VAT charge as a liability to the state.
  • Registration: Customers who register must fill out forms that have been provided online, or can be with the help of our Operator. Customer is solely responsible for the validity of charging data and will not charge the party to DEO Hosting if there are data fault errors such as domain spelling mistakes, and so forth.
  • The customer registering is a person or legal entity or organization, but still must include the name of the person in charge and phone number / email that can be contacted.
  • Penalty PAYMENT FEE: A 10% delay of the total bill will be automatically added to the bill, if the customer has not paid the bill and is past the due date. Customer is required to pay the penalty for such delay. Parties IndoWebsite reserves the right not to activate the service if the customer does not pay a late fee penalty.
  • Suspended: Suspended or deactivated service will be done 1 day after the due date. Customer can activate the service again after making the payment of the bill along with late penalty.
  • Terminated: Terminated or deleted services from our system will be made 14 days after the due date. Customers can still activate the service as long as your account backup data is still available by paying bills and late fines. Customer agrees not to prosecute DEO Hosting if the backup data has been deleted from our backup system.
  • Permanent Data Deletion: DEO Hosting will permanently delete the server data from the backup server if the customer has not paid the invoice yet. If the customer wants to re-enable the hosting, then the hosting status will be the same as the new registration.


Domain name registration will be made after your payment is confirmed. DEO Hosting is not responsible if the domain name chosen by the service user is in fact already registered by another customer before payment from the customer is confirmed.

Transfer domain registrar to DEO Hosting

Customer agrees to pay to DEO Hosting prior to the effectiveness of the desired domain name transfer request, the applicable amount when set in the DEO Hosting price list for the transfer request at the beginning of the domain name. Customer agrees and acknowledges that the domain name transfer will fail, and all charges are non-refundable, for the following reasons, but are not limited to:

  • No response from Registered Holder or Administrative Contact Name.
  • Domain Name Registrar in Lock Status.
  • The time of domain name registration expires or other constraints, other than during the first 60 days of initial registration or for the first 60 days after the registrar transfer.

DEO Hosting reserves the right to change any fees, additional fees, renewal fees or new fee agencies at any time, for any reason, in its sole discretion. The domain name The requested customer will not be registered unless and until we receive the actual payment of the registration fee, and have confirmed the Customer registration in the email from DEO Hosting to the email address indicated in the Customer registration application. In the event of a chargeback by the credit card company (or similar action by another payment provider authorized by DEO Hosting) in connection with the payment of the registration fee for the Customer name registration domain, Customer agrees and acknowledges that the Registration domain name will be transferred to DEO Hosting as an entity paying for that registration to the registry and that we have all rights associated with the domain name including, without limitation, the right to make available domain names to other parties for purchase. DEO Hosting shall return the Customer’s domain name registration, solely at the discretion of DEO Hosting, and subject to us to receive the current registration fee or initial renewal and recovery fee.

Transfer the domain from DEO Hosting.

Customer agrees and acknowledges that the failure or success of the domain name transfer will / its responsibility, and DEO Hosting shall not be liable for the failure of domain name transfers for any reason.

Registration domain is non-refundable. Please do not buy a domain name until you are sure that it is exactly what you want to buy.


Customer is only allowed to cancel its service contract with DEO Hosting, if it has notified service cancellation 7 days prior to maturity.

If the customer does not make a notice of service cancellation within the above mentioned period, then the customer has the obligation to pay the invoice for the next period.


  • DEO Hosting is not interested in making contact to clients of Resellers.
  • Resellers are required to perform support and billing of their own clients.
  • DEO Hosting reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Reseller's clients if there is any violation of the terms of the DEO Hosting service performed by their clients.


  • Read, understand and approve Term Of Services DEO Hosting and include and can not be separated including Acceptable Use Policy and Service Level Agreement
  • Using Original Identity and still apply.
  • Register a working e-mail address (can receive email well) to DEO Hosting customer database, since the email address will be used for your account information, billing, announcements and other notices. If the customer subsequently changes his / her email address, the customer is required to update his / her own email address to the DEO Hosting customer database.
  • Comply with all rules or instructions provided by DEO Hosting at any time in connection with the use of the service, in order to keep the customer's website available and accessible. For example e-mail announcements about changes to DNS addresses, contacts, server moves or other instructions.
  • Pay on time for the service that the customer posts no later than the due date on the invoice.
  • Pay according to the price set as the Additional Service / Service addon Document Delivery (Proof of Physical Invoice Battery, Tax Invoice, etc.) if the required documents are sent to your address.
  • Sending confirmation after making payment as well as explaining the need for payment. The customer must complete the Payment Confirmation Standard, ie via the DEO Hosting Website as it has been notified through the email reply filling the order of the hosting / domain registration form:
    If within 1 to 3 days of the payment you have made we have not processed, please you immediately notify us.
  • Responsible for obtaining at their own expense, all licenses, permits, consents, and other intellectual property or other rights that may be required to use the Service.
  • Responsible for all information taken, stored, and sent by the customer through the service.
  • Responsible for regulating the use of storage capacity provided so as not to exceed the capacity already allocated for it.
  • You agree to use the services and facilities of DEO Hosting with all possible risks that arise, to be borne by you. DEO Hosting shall not be liable for any loss, loss of data including damage arising from the use of the DEO Hosting facility.
  • DEO Hosting is not responsible for the content of the customer's website, Customer is solely responsible for the content of its own website (including username & password held by Customer to Customer's own responsibility).
  • DEO Hosting is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in Customer's website.
  • DEO Hosting is not responsible for any matters which are directly or indirectly caused by the content of Customer's website.
  • DEO Hosting is not responsible for any Legal Claims submitted by any party, including by any third party, for any matters which may be caused by the content of the Customer's website.
  • Customer is solely responsible for backing up each Customer's website data.
  • Although DEO Hosting performs backup procedures but Customers are still advised to backup the contents of each website. Backup by DEO Hosting is only for Disk Failure purposes.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to remove all contents of sites / hosting that have arrears exceeding 2 Weeks and DEO Hosting is exempt from the demands of the lost or deleted content of the client site.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to remove all VPS that have arrears exceeding 7 Days and DEO Hosting is exempt from claims of loss or deletion of content from client site.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to claim damages if the customer or ex-customer intentionally defames DEO Hosting in mass media, mailing list, or similar.
  • DEO Hosting shall not refund any rent in case of unfortunate, riot, natural disaster or any other undesirable and unlawful means.
  • DEO Hosting can not refund the rent, if the customer infringes the Terms of Service. (SSH Tunneling / VPN / Proxy or other services not permitted in the Term of Service.
  • If a hardware failure or hardware detection is damaged or failure, the client is required to follow the DEO Hosting rules to move to a new server or to perform a backup during the hardware repair process.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to display the customer's Website address on our Customer List page (except Reseller's clients). This can benefit the customer because the customer will get additional visitors / traffic from our website.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to terminate a unilateral hosting contract / termination if the customer violates the terms of the DEO Hosting service.
  • DEO Hosting shall not be liable for any financial loss, loss of data or any loss whatsoever for such termination of hosting and shall not refund any payments made and shall not compensate for any reason whatsoever.
  • DEO Hosting follows the strict guidelines of our customer privacy statement. Make sure you understand this statement fully.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations that have been in force and will apply in DEO Hosting. Things that have not been set on this page will be set up in the future.


  • Customers can make requests to add IP Address in accordance with the needs but according to the availability of IP Address DEO Hosting.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to Decline IP Address Requests in accordance with the availability of IP Address and services.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to suspend or terminate client or reseller if there is any infringement of IP Address either abuse or phishing reported by authorized or other forum.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to make a one-sided IP Address change if the customer does not renew or pay the invoice.
  • DEO Hosting has the authority to unblock IP Address unilaterally if customers spam, DDOS or other violations on the internet.


  • Open / Shared / Public Proxy or VPN or SSH Tunnel, IRC Client / Server / Bouncer, and illegal content. (We will Terminate without money back).
  • Spam / Abuse Report from datacenter more than 1 times.
  • Illegal Content.


  • SSL certificate installation request must be through DEO Hosting.
  • Installation of SSL Certificate is only allowed if the hosting account has dedicated IP Address.
  • Use of SSL Certificate with Shared IP Address will be removed unilaterally for violating Term of Service.
  • SSL installation service only from server side only, for website scripts that support SSL we do not change it.


  • Refund request will be processed 1 week from the request submitted to billing DEO Hosting


  • Request for withdrawal of affiliate funds, will be put into DEO Hosting account deposit.
  • Request for withdrawal of affiliate funds to be sent via account, can only be sent through BCA, Mandiri or CIMB NIAGA Account, in addition to the Bank will be charged.
  • Not all products from DEO Hosting can be affiliated and fully compliant with DEO Hosting.
  • Request for withdrawal of affiliated funds through bank, must include account number of Bank BCA, Mandiri or CIMB NIAGA, through our ticket system.
  • The affiliate policy is entirely the right of DEO Hosting.
  • DEO Hosting reserves the right to increase or decrease affiliate commission, based on financial condition or value / rupiah exchange rate.


DEO Hosting has the authority to amend these terms and conditions at any time, it is strongly recommended to check this page at least once a month. DEO Hosting strives to provide the best service to you, but we will not tolerate unlawful activities or any form of deviation against our servers. These briefs are built to protect your interests, other customers and us.


DEO Hosting has the authority to change these terms and conditions at any time, it is strongly recommended to check this page at least once a month. DEO Hosting strives to provide the best service to you, but we will not tolerate unlawful activities or any form of deviation against our servers. These briefs are built to protect your interests, other customers and us.

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