How to Install cPanel DNSONLY cPanel DNSONLY is FREE software from cPanel, its function is to create DNS Clustering. cPanel DNSONLY can be installed on a VPS which is technically ideally located in a geographically different datacenter. For example, if we are going to setup 3 DNS Clusters, we can set up 3 VPS in 3 locations. For example VPS 1 in Indonesia (IIX), VPS 2 in the USA and VPS 3 in Germany. With DNS CLustering, it will benefit the DNS stability and acceleration of the Domain Propagation process. The DNS Cluster is POSIX compatible (Linux, * BSD, etc.) application server / client that provides all-in-one DNS Management for Web Hosting Companies, ISPs and Other Online Businesses. The DNS Cluster allows you to manage your DNS server more flexibly ( The DNS Cluster centralizes the zone of the hosting server on one server, the failure of redundancy in the DNS infrastructure and still allows the hosting customer to change the DNS zone on the hosting panel’s control interface. DNS Cluster allows your nameservers to be physically separate from the Server and several other activities. for example, a power outage, you still have a DNS function. In this way, visitors can reach the website on your server faster after the web server returns online.


If the minimum requirements above have been fulfilled, the next step is to prepare before the cPanel installation is done.

Server / VPS access

Access can be by remote SSH (putty in Windows) or terminal (Linux) or you can also use VNC (some VPS providers enable VNC).

Turn off Default Firewall

To avoid the default rule iptables that interferes with interconnection, it is recommended to first turn off the firewall

iptables chkconfig off service iptables stop

Update Check

Perform the process of checking software / system / kernel updates to get the latest updates from the OS used.

yum update


First, make sure that Perl is installed or Perl has used the latest version.

yum install perl

Make sure wget is installed

yum install wget

The following is how to install cPanel DNSONLY, run the command below in sequence:

cd / home wget -N sh latest-dnsonly

cPanel DNSONLY only has WHM so that it can be accessed with a URL: https: // IP-SERVER: 2087 then log in as root. reference:

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